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compiled by Ingo Moerth & Gerhard Froehlich, Linz/ Austria

The original data base was put online December 2001. 
It is continuously maintained and updated in its basic aspects 
(relational information on publications by Norbert Elias 1914-2008), 
last general update November 2007, 
and updated in all its additional dimensions as listed below:

Addition 1  (Online since March 2003 & continuously updated) 
The secondary literature was added and is since then 
maintained, enlarged & multilingually augmented (last update. Nov. 2007);

Addition 2  (Online since September 2004 & selectively updated) 
The manuscript inventory 1937-1985 (= NE archive inventory, part 3) by Michael Schröter 
was systematically (by listing additional titles) included in the general listing of items and relevant item descriptions ; 

Addition 3  (Online since November 2005 & selectively updated) 
The 1999 addition to the archive inventory (= NE archive inventory, part 1a) by Saskia Visser
was systematically included in the general listing of items and all relevant item descriptions;

Addition 4  (Online since October 2006 & continuously revised)
A list of theses, as co-supervised by Norbert Elias in Heidelberg & Mannheim 1928-1937 (last update July 2007);

Addition 5  (Online since November 2007 & continuously updated & enlarged )
A list of theses, as supervised & co-supervised by Norbert Elias in
 Leicester/UK, Legon/Ghana, Amsterdam/NL, Bielefeld, Hannover/BRD, etc., 1954 - 1985;