This collection of papers, most previously published, explores aspects of sport in British society & develops a theory of leisure that integrates sociological, psychological, & biological perspectives with Elias's notion of the civilizing process. Topics treated include: the relation between leisure & excitement, sport as a sociological problem, violence in sport, & folk football in medieval & early modern GB. The role played by sport in the creation of masculine identities is examined, & reasons are suggested as to why people choose to spend their leisure time in violent sporting activities. Also investigated is the sociogenesis of football hooligan violence & the emergence & decline of a macho subculture in rugby football. The book is presented in 10 Chpts, with a Preface by Dunning & an Introduction by Elias. (1) Elias & Dunning - The Quest for Excitement in Leisure. (2) Elias & Dunning - Leisure in the Spare-Time Spectrum. (3) Elias - The Genesis of Sport as a Sociological Problem. (4) Elias - An Essay on Sport and Violence. (5) Elias & Dunning - Folk Football in Medieval and Early Modern Britain. (6) Elias & Dunning - Dynamics of Sport Groups with Special Reference to Football . (7) Dunning - The Dynamics of Modern Sport: Notes on Achievement-Striving and the Social Significance of Sport. (8) Dunning - Social Bonding and Violence in Sport. (9) Dunning, Patrick Murphy, & John Williams - Spectator Violence at Football Matches: Towards a Sociological Explanation. (10) Dunning - Sport as a Male Preserve: Notes on the Social Sources of Masculine Identity and Its Transformations. References are encompassed in Chpt Notes. 1 Table, 2 Figures. W. Howard


source: Sociological Abstracts Inc.