This English translation by Edmund Jephcott of the Dutch De geschiedenis van Norbert Elias (Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, 1987) is accompanied by a Biographical Interview with Norbert Elias, conducted by A. J. Heerma van Voss & A. van Stolk. Elias's autobiographical account - Notes on a Lifetime - is chiefly concerned with his academic & intellectual life, & covers sociology's early days, the importance of his earlier studies in medicine & philosophy to his outlook, his relationship with Alfred Weber & Karl Mannheim, Jewish culture as having elements of both established & outsider qualities, & the intellectual development of sociology as a process. The interview (lasting 20 hours, in 7 sessions) is more concerned with Elias's personal life & how his experiences shaped his ideas. He is queried on life in Poland in the early part of the century, the ghettos, anti-Semitism & pogroms, Germany, the Nazis, France, & postwar life in England & Ghana. References are encompassed in Notes. Select Bibliog of 12 works. F. Shephard

source: Sociological Abstracts