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The data base "HyperElias©WorldCatalogue" is subject to and therefore protected by the copyright regulations of the Austrian Copyright Law (Urheberrechtsgesetz, BGBl. Nr. 111/1936 idgF, derzeit  BGBl. I Nr. 22/2006 [current version]). The data base regulations (sections 40, 41, 41a, 42, 42a, 42b) of this code still allow the free use of copyright-protected material from and within data bases, if this use is for private scientific purposes, involves no commercial interests and if the source of the material used is quoted correctly. These fair use conditions must also be made visible in any subsequent usage.

These usage conditions include according to subsequent rulings of all three Austrian Supreme Courts [OGH (= Supreme Civil Court) no. 4Ob140/01v; no. 4Ob273/00a; no. 4Ob224/00w;  4Ob347/74; VWGH (= Supreme Administrative Court) 90/14/0001; 88/13/0206; VFGH (= Supreme Constitutional Court) G108/84; B539/82]: that a restricted redistribution is possible, if done within a specific scientific community  for the personal use of a member of this community (including the discussion of a therefore redistributed text within the community); (= "scientific or educational fair-use-restriction"); and that such a specific use does not principally violate the general copyright protections imposed by Austrian Copyright Law on the use of protected material as indicated above.

HyperElias©WorldCatalogue was compiled as resource and tool for scholars interested in and working with the concepts and ideas of Norbert Elias in a strictly scientific and non-commercial way. Only on this ground several pieces of information around Norbert Elias and his works could be included. And as long as users of HyperElias©WorldCatalogue comply with these restrictions (non commercial, private and strictly scientific use, quotation of HyperElias©WorldCatalogue as well as its sources as source), all elements and informations stored in our web base may be used freely, including the private electronic copying and storing of all information pertaining to a specific file in the data base. To copy or mirror the data base as a whole remains forbidden, though.

If HyperElias©WorldCatalogue is used in a way other than described above, the permission of all copyright holders eventually involved becomes necessary, and the responsibility of such a usage is solely on the side of the user. 

HyperElias©WorldCatalogue cannot be held responsible for any unlawful use of its contents.